Inside the look #1: Summer Sprezzatura

I’m starting a new series called “Inside the look”, where I am going to give detailed breakdowns of certain looks from my Instagram profile. This includes what inspired me to dress a certain way, a little bit of history behind the style (if any), as well as any details I deem necessary to share. This is the very first one and the structure might change, so bear with me.


Summer is not merciful to lovers of everything sartorial, especially in hot countries. As temperatures on thermometers raise higher, it becomes more difficult to pull of a look wearing a suit or a blazer. Fear not though, my fellow stylish brethren, you can still look smart without breaking a sweat. Almost.

Tailoring in summer is a separate game of its own. It’s really important to choose the right fabrics, colours and accesories. These are the times when you see the true value of things like linen, seersucker fabric, cropped pants, no-see socks and light colours. Breathing, natural fabrics become crucial.

Blazer: Zara
Shirt: Levi’s
Tie, pocket square, lapel, no-see socks: Sprezzabox
Pants: Zara
Shoes: A. Testoni


I have to be honest. When I was putting together this look, I did not have any specific images or inspirations going through my mind. However, looking at it retrospectively, I clearly see it now. This look is a bit of Bond villains sprinkled with some Gianni Agnelli style sprezzatura. A vintage, flamboyant millionaire look where one’s tie is loosened and shirt cuffs are uncuffed. That’s it.

Sprezzatura is an Italian word for studied nonchalance, the art of looking effortlessly great.


There are certain details that make this outfit. First of all, I have to say, without the accesories from Sprezzabox this look wouldn’t be the same. The airplane shaped lapel pin alone is a conversation starter. I’ve had this very same dialogue happen to me a couple times already:

– What does the airplane on your blazer symbolise?
– It means that I’m looking fly (Thug life music playing)

The tie and the pocket square I wore for this look come from different Sprezzabox subscription months, which only shows how easy it is to combine these separate pieces. Both the tie and the pocket square are cotton, which is exactly what you should aim for. Remember what I said about natural fabrics? Yes, extremely important.


For the top I went with a denim shirt (worn uncuffed for extra breating space), paired with a cotton blazer purchased back when I used to buy a lot of things from fast fashion retailers. Combining lighter shades of blue with darker ones is simple, but it works.


White pants are THE summer trousers to go for, especially if they are cropped and made from light, breathable fabric. I paired these with great leather shoes from A. Testoni, a showcase of Italian shoe craftsmanship which I was extremely lucky to stumble upon in a thrift store. Oh, the joy of finding a rare item for a couple bucks. Becomes even more joyful when it helps you put together a flamboyant millionaire look.

What did you think of this look? Any suggestions for future articles? Let me know in the comments or send me a DM on Instagram. Stay rock-n-roll.